Latest at DISADNET

2020/3/15: Message to Resistance Outposts: NOW is the Time to Get Your P2P Backup Systems in Place. DON’T WAIT.

2020/2/5: DISADNET Recommends Bitmessage for Text and Email Communication

2020/2/1: DISADNET P2P Now Online!

2020/1/27: Survival of the Resistance Depends on “Distributed Information” (P2P) Solutions

2020/1/22: DISADNET is Searching for Network Partners and Trainees Willing to Engage in Peaceful Information Warfare Activities

2020/1/21: Launch of DISADNET. Read the About Page to learn more about the DISAD Network.

RNA System Alerts

RNA5: Alert: ITNT Newsletter Service Permanently Sabotaged 2020/3/18 – 2.36 pm GMT+8

RNA4: Trencher Alert: Website issues (2020/2/13) 2020/2/14 – 12.47 pm GMT+8)

RNA3: RE: Sustained Attacks on INTELCASTER.COM, ITNT.NEWS (Alert Timestamp: 2020/1/31 – 11.48 am GMT+8)

RNA2: Youtube Video Manipulation at FROM THE TRENCHES WORLD REPORT (Alert Timestamp: 2019/12/26 – 3.38 am GMT+8)

RNA1: Sustained Attacks on ITNT.NEWS, INTELCASTER.COM (Alert Timestamp: 2019/12/25 – 2.11 pm GMT+8)