DISAD Network

The DISAD Network (DISADNET) was initiated by Arthur F. Wayne (2020/1/21), creator of Intelcaster and ITNT News. DISADNET is further being developed with the support of DISADNET Partners.

Decentralized Information Surveillance, Analysis and Distribution Network (DISADNET)

Since 2001, information warfare has shifted from TV, radio and newspapers to, mainly, online content and broadcasting.

As audiences of mainstream news and infotainment channels are shifting away from centralized narrative creation, towards decentralized narrative creation, more and more people find it harder and harder to make sense of the media landscape that is emerging around them.

Reliable news and intelligence sources have become much more difficult to identify.

Once deemed trustworthy news networks are struggling to maintain credibility as activism and “leaks” expose the true nature of the networks and how their “news” is manufactured by them – and often for them by government agencies that seek to advance their own agendas.

With the DISAD Network (DISADNET) independent activists, researchers, freelancers, bloggers, analysts and content creators can not only locate valuable news and intel sources, they can also expand the DISAD Network itself with their reporting and content.

Other main advantages that the DISAD Network offers are: Increased recognition and credibility for the work/content of DISADNET Partners; and, certainly not least important, access to/inclusion in the Resistance Network Alert System (RNA System).

The RNA System, continuously being further developed and incorporated into DISADNET, enables DISAD Network Partners to send out alert messages to the Network when they personally, their website, blog or other content are the target of an attack by people or organizations who seek to silence and/or sabotage DISADNET Partners.


DISADNET is a decentralized network of websites, blogs and apps that are fully independent as content outlets but whose owners/administrators also want to cooperate with each other for information exchange and organizational purposes.

Content, narratives and opinions found on the DISAD network (Partner contents) are not centrally created by DISADNET. Each DISAD Network Partner publishes independently from each other, at all times, just like they did before they joined DISADNET.

The objective of DISADNET Administrators is to provide support to people and organizations who seek common grounds, not to dictate policy.

Information Surveillance

Information surveillance, with DISADNET, means the monitoring of content that is being distributed by governments, news and infotainment outlets (the mainstream and “alternative” media).

Information surveillance is what DISADNET Partners were already doing before they joined the DISAD Network. Now, with DISADNET, they can continue to do this together, thus, on a much bigger scale – while, at the same time, having more reassurances that the information surveillance is being done properly and by recognized Partners who are known to work diligently and who are consistent in the general direction of their outlet(s) and content.

Information Analysis

Information that is being detected by DISADNET Partners, during their information surveillance activities, is then further analyzed by the Partner who initially shared or published it on their own website or channel and/or by other DISADNET Partners who believe that more research into the respective matter is needed.

Like information surveillance, information analysis is an essential part of the overall network activities. It’s because of the analysis by one or more Partners that false reports, fake news and outright deceptions can be detected and warned about.

DISADNET information analysis drastically reduces the possibility for DISADNET Partners to fall victim to disinformation and misinformation being planted in the ongoing and escalating information war that is being waged against the public.

Information Distribution

Sharing information across the DISADNET Network increases the chances for that information being picked up by 3rd parties outside the DISAD Network through DISADNET Partners their websites, blogs and channels.

In this current information war, a war that is the first of its kind in history (especially due to the internet), the key is to be able to circumvent the ever advancing censorship and sabotage that is being put in place to derail the true resistance.

Along with other reports, articles, videos and content, the results of information analysis are shared with the DISAD Network Partners, for further consideration.